Veil of Insight

free-download“Veil of Insight” is a cozy mystery set in Okemos Michigan in the fall of 1996. Ruby Clarkson, an aging psychiatrist, struggles between her work, caring for her end-stage dementia spouse, and supporting her college student nephew. Six months earlier Ruby had a brief affair with a former co-worker of her spouse but stopped due to her guilt. Since then she’s become more reclusive.

During Dr. Clarkson’s normal client interview she has two clients give information that leads her to believe she can identify a serial killer of four women. She finds she is being stalked by the suspect and reports this and her other suspicions to the police.

Additionally when Ruby’s husband dies under suspicious circumstances, she is questioned by the police as her estranged sister, mother of her live-in nephew, reports her affair to them.

Ruby takes more upon herself to make certain the killer is apprehended only to discover a horrible truth.