judith-1-1Judith St. King is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both California and Michigan. She is director of Women’s Personal Growth & Therapy, P.C., in Okemos, Michigan. Currently she specializes in couples counseling, PTSD, and behavioral additions. Prior to her counseling career she practiced as a Registered Nurse. She wrote her first short story, a mystery, while in fourth grade. She acquired a GED after dropping out of high school at age fifteen. After that she went on to acquire a GED, three Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D. in psychology. She is recipient of Lansing Community college distinguished Alumni Award, 2006.

As a child Judith lived near a state hospital for the insane and interacted with many residents, including Emily, a fictionalized character in her novel. Having had personal experiences with cultural bias and incompetency she was moved to write the novel Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil. Additionally she has written Somehow I Found Myself in Her Bed. She has a cozy mystery soon to be published, as well as, a self-help book to help women recognize a potential abusive partner in advance of commitment.

purt-1Judith has lived most of her life in Michigan however during most of 1980 she lived in Kodaikanal India.

Additionally she lived in Santa Barbara, California where she practiced as a LCSW. Her favorite saying while living there was, “Every day in Santa Barbara is perfect except for the day you pay your rent.”

She now lives in Okemos Michigan where she continues to work full time at her office on Marsh Road.

Judith’s cat, Purt encourages Judith’s work by walking across the computer keyboard on a regular basis. After that she likes to rest.

In the winter they wait for the deer to visit their patio and gaze into the living room.

Now Judith’s favorite saying is, “Life is good!”