Opening Mystery and Life Changes!

Hi Friends!

So sorry about being off for two full months! Somehow I’ve acquired some kind of (yet undiagnosed) neurological problem. Yuk and phooey! It has slowed me down to a creepy crawl. Some days good and some not so good. Editing stopped mid-track!

So… I’ll be slowing down my therapy practice until full retirement later this year but the good news is I’m doing a little better over the last two weeks so am back to editing. I’ve changed the name of my mystery novel from Veil of Insight to…!

Ruby’s First Try as Detective

Chapter One

     The hunched man stayed in the shadows working feverishly in the fetid, soggy environment. Even though glancing about every few seconds, he was careful to cover the entire body with leaves except for the woman’s lax face. Her expression that had been so contorted in agony during his attack was now peaceful. He struggled with great effort to lift a mound of wet leaves. The last grouping was heavier than he expected and he audibly grunted, startling himself.  He jerked upright and with a fervent glance checked the surroundings for any possible witness. The path near the bridge to the stadium was empty. The only discernible movement was the slightest waving of leaves high in the maple trees. No one was nearby. The intermittent rain had kept even the most ardent lovers away.

Continuing his efforts he grasped huge clumps to form pyramid shaped piles onto each hand, foot, and breast. He scanned his completed work of art then stooped to wipe strands of hair away from her face beautiful gray white in the partial moonlit shadows. He eased back, step by step then brushed away leaves from his trousers, pulled of his oversize boots and tossed them in the river. He staggered on his way back to his vehicle where he’d already folded her clothing and placed them in a plastic grocery sack. With slow practiced accuracy he drove down the pot holed path. Even though he slammed his fist into the dashboard with the pride of accomplishment he was also heavy with sadness as he didn’t want to leave.


            Dr. Ruby Clarkson shifted the phone onto her ear and mentally reviewed her schedule. “I’ll be home by twelve-thirty.” She hadn’t planned any errands and had only one more patient before leaving for the day. Alexis, her husband’s hospice caregiver had called to report that he had complained of a stomach ache. This was the second time this week.

“As long as you can make it by then, I’ll be fine. Adam is quieting down now. I wanted you to know.” Alexis’ normally relaxed voice scurried through the words, her eagerness seeping through.

More to come—

So! Let me know what you think. I’ll keep working on this! Thank you for hanging in there with me!  Judith


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