Vacation Favorite # 6 in Florence, Italy

the david

I understand many people enjoy sampling wine and sitting in the sun as long as it’s in Florence, the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region. Sorry to tell you this, but I didn’t do that! I pass out on the second glass of wine. Literally! My spouse called me a ‘cheap date.’ But forget what I didn’t do and onto the beauty of Florence!

In my lifetime the most impressive memory of seeing a work of art is Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. It rests inside the Galleria dell’Accademia. Even before we got there we saw a replica that was in the spot where it was originally placed. That was in the Palazzo Vecchio. I was super impressed with that!

Anyway we went in, paid for our tickets, walked into a hallway and turned. Without warning or thought I uttered, “Oh, my god.” Awestruck barely covers the emotional impact. There it was at the end of the hall. I didn’t expect to be stunned.

The masterpiece is about 17 feet tall and took Michelangelo two years to complete. Imagine being twenty six years old and creating this moment in time, where David is preparing to fight Goliath? The museum also contains Michelangelo’s four unfinished Prigioni (prisoners or slaves), initially intended for the tomb of Pope Julius II. The four writhing forms are still encased in marble.

michelangelos four slaves

Florence is the home of multiple pieces of Renaissance art and architecture. Another Gallery, the Uffizi has Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation.”

Lastly, the food! In all of Italy! From massive busy full scale restaurants to tiny bakeries you cannot go wrong. In one small, out of the way spot a baker brought us samples of delicate pasteries and charged us for one. So, no wine but lots of sweets!

Well maybe. Go to Rome! It’s not that far!



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