Thomas Fire

I’m home and back into the snow and cold. Santa Barbara had a lot of ash in the air as you can see in the above picture of Laura’s car windshield. While we wore airmasks it still made breathing difficult, so we drove north to Pismo Beach where there is a pet firendly motel, Oxford Suites.  They have a dog run, so Hester (dog) and Pepper (guina pig) were quite comfortable.  Also Dolly, the parrot (below) was vising from Oxnard also to escape the fire.

IMG_3725                IMG_3703                 IMG_3707

We stayed four nights and relaxed, enjoyed the hot tub and great beakfast buffet. We drove back to SB to celebrate our Christmas together.

The airport was closed for my flight back, so had to fly out of LAX. Yhr Thomas fire is now consdered the largest in recent CA history. It has caused much damage, complete loss, and severe health problems. Sadly it will not be fully contained until late this month.

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