Snow to Ice

IMG_2997    Purt is all snuggled and waiting for my return!

The cost of flying at Thanksgiving or Christmas! To fly to Santa Barbara at Thanksgiving was $1,400 and at Christmas $1,200! So I’m visiting between the two at less than half that. We are having a turkey dinner and opening gifts. We will call it Thanksmas!
So I pack my bags, pull them through about an inch of snow, have Caleb drive me to the airport, and get on the flight in Lansing. We are late getting into Chicago O’Hare and sit on the tarmac waiting. Finally!                                                                                                          I need wheelchair assistance for any long distance and a lovely trainee was waiting in terminal B. We needed terminal C for the flight to San Francisco. She dashed me through the aisle like fury! She kept saying we will make it! We will make it! Between these out cries she attempted to contact the gate and say that we were on our way, but no answer. The gate personnel were standing there smiling. I was the last person on board. Whew!
Then I’m onto my destination of Santa Barbara. The airport runway is on the edge of the ocean. I swear I saw a fish (really) just two seconds before we touched down. Amazing sight. Now for the fire part. We departed the plane by walking down a stairwell not a jet way. I saw small bits of ash floating by my face as I walked into the airport. The air is so heavy with smoke that my daughter brought air masks for us to wear.
This morning I hear that north Carpinteria, where I once lived is being evacuated and so is east Montecito where my daughter once lived.
We are quite safe and yet ready to evacuate if needed. I might even go shopping for a computer today. This one is slowly becoming obsolete and making it difficult for me to write efficiently. If you are wondering about Purt, she is safe and sound! Lexi and Shawna are in charge. Or is she in charge of them?
Purt says “Happy Holidays to all.” and I think I heard her purring “Silent Night” just before I left.


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