One of My Favorite Visits

Among my best travel memories is seeing the Taj Mahal. At the time we had been living in southern India. After being there for almost a year I was ordered back to the states due to an inability to develop resistance to the local bacteria, thus was constantly weak. So prior to leaving we decided to take a few days to see the country. The Taj Mahal and Dal Lake were our choices.

My Ten Favorite Places I've Visited

The Taj Mahal was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (who crowned himself much like Napoleon) to keep enshrined the remains of his cherished wife. It stands on the southern bank of the Yamuna River in Agra, India. It’s one of the world’s most celebrated structures and a stunning symbol of India’s rich history and I do love India.

We had a wonderful guide who walked us along the pathway near the reflecting pool and fountains. The mausoleum has a soft look of white marble. While beautiful at a distance (as I’m certain you’ve seen in the pictures) it is the intricate designs and craftsmanship of the inlay with semi-precious stones (jade, crystal, lapis lazuli, amethyst and turquoise) that also takes your breath away.  I remember the guide had me step close as he shown a tiny flashlight onto a small space (the flashlight is actually against the rules). The memory of the precision and perfection of each piece as it glowed is still present in my mind. So if you ever have the opportunity please go and spend time there.

Interior of Taj Mahal

An update: My “Jerk” book is completed. All I need is a publisher!


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