My Big Moving Plan (and how it worked)

  1. IMG_3463    Purt under the sheets!  She hopes you will find some helpful hints in here.
  2. The first thing I did was toss everything that seemed no longer useful. That included old clothes, worn towels, and objects of which I had no emotional attachment. This helps a lot because it reduced time and energy that would otherwise have gone into packing, hauling and unloading. I didn’t have items to donate to charity but if you do then remember to obtain the receipt for tax purposes.
  3. Choosing the right moving company is essential so you can do an internet search and ask anyone you know who they would recommend. I happen to choose Two Men and a Truck for the furniture. That was because I used them before and was pleased. For the boxes, small furniture (TV stands, wall art, and my favorite sculpture) and lamps my grandson and his friend used their vehicles and muscles to take almost everything else. This saved money and also allowed me to unpack kitchen and bathroom items early.
  4. I made a list of cable and electric companies to contact with transfer and shut off dates. I was on hold for a long time with AT&T and Direct TV. I can’t get Direct TV at my new apartment so needed to break my contract three months early. I was told if I had the new apartment manager write a letter the was blocked access and include it with the returned items I would not have to pay the cancellation charge. However when I called to clarify another aspect I was told by a different technician that I’d need to arrange for an onsite visit to ‘prove’ the matter. All in all theat was very time consuming as I had to call over five times to get the service I needed.
  5. Contacting the post office for change of address on line was done in advance. One problem developed as they started two weeks prior to my requested date, thus some pieces of mail floated around the universe for a time.  Changing addresses on line is helpful just prior to the move saves much frustration (not too early though as the same thing could happen to you).
  6. My quilts, sheets, towels, and bathrobes, along with stored bubble wrap were handy for actual packing of more fragile items. They have to go anyway so this is a way to keep the number of bins down. I also kept clothes on hangers and by carrying two or three items into the new apartment I was able to keep the weight within my back’s limitations.
  7. If possible take a box of essentials over early (toilet paper, tissue, shower curtain, wash cloths, dishcloths, sponges, hand and dish soap). Or pack them with a label that says ‘open first.’ Leave the vacuum, broom, cleaning supplies, etc. available for a final clean-up of the old place.
  8. Take pictures of your old place to show you left it in good condition. I may have a problem as there is a non-repairable stain in a small segment of carpeting. I’ve been told by staff I’ll have to pay for the entire carpet to be replaced (except for 30 % for my three years of living there). That’ll be the entire security deposit plus some. I won’t go down without a fight though. (LOL?)

Purt, my cat is not quite settled. She gets spooked easily and has taken to hiding under the bedsheet. I’m certain she’ll update you soon.

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