Update And the Victoria Falls


So happy! I’ve completed the self-help book about spotting a ‘jerk’ early on and it’s off to my editor! The editing of Veil of Insight indicates it requires a bit more work. I’ll keep you updated. So here is my number 2 top vacation sight.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This is one of my favorite travel memories. The Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. They are not the widest waterfall or the highest waterfall but taking all the other dimensions they are the biggest curtain of falling water in the world. It is approximately 100,000 years old, while our Niagara Falls is about 12,000.


My daughter and I visited here back in 1991 and I would so love to return. We stayed at the Safari Lodge on the Zimbabwe side. It is near the falls and is an unforgettable experience. The bellboy, Patrick greeted everyone by name each morning. So impressive!

The village of Victoria Falls is the gateway to the massive waterfalls. Here, the Zambezi River plummets over a cliff and into the Boiling Pot before flowing through a series of gorges. Walking the along the cliff opposite the falls offers a spectacular view. There are numerous lookouts where I remember being somewhat overwhelmed by the thundering sounds and visual effects of the ongoing landscape of cascading water.

The numerous lookouts that run along the gorge inside Victoria Falls National Park include views of the Devil’s Cataract; precarious Danger Point; and the spectacular Main Falls, the largest single sheet of water in the world.

The Safari Lodge arranged a boat ride along the river. On the Zambian side, the lookout points in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park give another entirely different angle. The water plummets over the edge from just a few feet behind the Eastern Cataract, or cross the sliver of a bridge to Knife Point Island for that in-the-thick-of-it feeling.


The nearby Zambezi National Park is home to white rhinos and elephants, so while you are there please visit. The guides are excellent at finding the animals in addition to pointing out exotic birds.

This is an incredible sight so please put it on your bucket list!

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