Good Image is Important for a Cat!

I’ve been poondering (my serrvant’s favorite word) about how importanttt it is to project the right image. This is particularly essentialll for a cat. It’s so critical to look alluring and sweet ALL the time. Add a little personality like energetic and winsome. This attracts humans to where they coddle you enormously. A huuman must consider you one of thhe family. That way they allow for more lap time, treats, and playful interactions. (Notice my typing has immproved? The cut nails helped even though it was pure torture.)
Additionally, and perhaps most important, rememember to walk and pose in frontt of interesting backdrops. Ae colorful bedspread, the oriental carpet, lacy curtain, and Christmas ornamenttts are best. If in an apartment like mee, drop your front paws over the edge of your tower (see below). Good grooming with graceful stretches aaalso get fawning appreciation. 
Lastly do not do any pose or movement that will cause the human to grabb a camera so it will get a laugh! My friend Sam wrapped himself arround a broomstick while exercising and it went on line with him beeeing called a pole dancer in a strip club! Horrible.
So thank you for reading my blog goodee friends. Love you all! Purt

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