Purt’s Update: Book Signing

Purt here announcing Judith’s author signing day on July 15 from 10 am until 3 pm. She’ll be at a childhood favorite city of Cadillac. So drive to 115 S. Mitchell Street and drop in at Horizon Books. She asked me to tell you that she’s sold thousands of her books. Well she’d like you to think that but it’s not true! I happen to know it’s not quite that many.

Something she might not appreciate me telling you but I have learned many of her secrets. Judith dropped out of high school at age fifteen. She worked ‘under the table’ as an aide in a nursing home. Big wage of 55 cents an hour! While you may laugh this is more than she pays me today! Anyway when she turned sixteen the owner had her work the night shift. They had two aides working that shift and laid them off so Judith could work the shift on her own. She was very happy because her hourly rate was increased to 65 cents an hour! Judith has a wonderful memory of a ninety-six year old woman complaining that her son and his wife (in early seventies) had left to go on a three week trip south. “Those young folks!” she said. “Gallivanting all over the country!”

Anyway please go to her book signing because she gives me extra treats when she sells her books. Okay!?

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