Meeting Too Many Jerks?

This post is for my women readers. Are you tired of meeting someone who seems warm, intelligent, and a good match only to waste time and emotions on a guy who’s just not worth it? Maybe even turned out to be a jerk?  Having heard these very words in more than one therapy session I’ve decided to writ e a self-help book aimed at identifying the ‘jerk’ sooner than later. “All My Friends Said He Was a Jerk, But I Married Him Anyway” is written to help women identify a potential abuser or boundary violator at the first encounter. In the age of internet dating and fast paced living it is essential to have the skills to evaluate the subtle signs who a man who will, over time, discount a woman or even become abusive. This book can help the reader not waste her valuable time dating a man who, over time, reveals more and more of his true, yet ‘jerk’ self. So I’ll keep you informed as it progresses.

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