Please Come! by Purt

IMG_2468    You’re Invvitted!!!

Tomooorow (Wednesday the 19th) Judith and I are driving to Grandd Rapids and deliver Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil to Schuler’s Books. She will be on a book panel Thursday Aptil 27th at 7 PM. I won’t be there but will send a photo!

Local Author Night Presenters!  Ncluding Judith!!!

Valerie Clarke is the author of Two by Two: Courtship by Design, a collection in which the author uses her background in biology to personify the unique courtship behaviors of different animal species. Susan English is the author of The Shadow of Death, a compelling true story of how Tom and his family found themselves fighting for his life against necrotizing fasciitis – an aggressive and life-threatening “flesh eating” bacterial infection. Josh MacIvor-Anderson is the author of On Heights and Hunger, a fascinating memoir two professional and competitive tree-climbing brothers, and editor of Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Non-Fiction. Judith St. King is the author of the historical fiction novel, Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil, while Terri Whitney is the author of Any Rhyme at All, a collection of poetry about the Beatles.

If you want to accmpny us contacte me at

I’m in charge of lunch…  Salmon, sardines, and, for dessert Temptations chcken snamks. Then we’lll be offt to Trader Joe’s. I’ll send pictures!

Yourrs forever! Purty

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