Couples Counseling

As many of you know I enjoy working with couples. It's always a delight to me when two people leave feeling much happier in their relationship than when they came into treatment. As with individuals I take some time to assess the areas of difficulty. When it's a couple this takes approximately two hours for … Continue reading Couples Counseling

Happy Valentine Day!

I am wearing pink in honor of Valentine Day. Have a happy one! I will have a chicken feast with my friend!             Judith has finished her mystery novel "Veil of Insight" and is 'letting it rest' so to add finishing touches and make it even better. Hope you enjoy it! … Continue reading Happy Valentine Day!

Happy Groundhog Day

A favorite holiday! No shopping, no expectations and decorations to arrange. Just serve some treats and know that, no matter what, it is about six more weeks of winter. Purt is counting down. I'm busy writing Veil of Insight in a warm fuzzy robe, then off to work. Have a wonderful day!