Friends Over

How dooes a cat cuss? I’ll tell you!! Pfft!! Pffft!  Tha’ts how.

Judith went to some dumb friend’s place so I invited Nahla and Kimba over. We watched TV and laughehhed lots/!  Especially at Red Dwarf. It’s the best! We laughed until we cried.

So why cussss? I took pictures to show yooou and they wouldn’t transfer to the compuuuter, that’s why! So I tried emailing to myself at and we waited and waited.

It never came! So Pfft! Pfft!

Kimba likes history so we reseachd 1946 the year Janie lives through in the book Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil.  We found this: A book, but Kimba said it’s a non-fiction and has real history, not the ‘alternative fact’ book like Judith’s (that means some of it’s true annnd some not.).

So I said lets find a pictre of a 1946 Packard like the one Mr. Golfer drives. Can’t upload. Cuss, cuss.

Nahla saw Judith drive into the parking lot so my friends dashed out the back.

No pitures. But soon, very soon.

Until next time.


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