Visit to Traverse City

Early on Monday I drove north to visit my old home and Horizon Books. The porch where my dad rocked in the summertime looks exactly as it did. Standing there in the snow and remembering my childhood opened my brain to forgotten names and friends. A young lady  noticed me and asked it she could help. She did help me because she became interested in my story which gave me the opportunity to talk.

The city has changed so much since my last visit. My friends homes have been turned into an large apartment building. I actually got lost at one point, so kept driving until I saw a street name I recognized. The expansive lawn of the State Hospital where I played as a child, and where in the novel Mr Golfer practiced his tee shots, is now covered with a medical building. So much is gone and so much still the same.

Horizon Books, on Front Street was a wonderful bookstore to visit. I was warmly greeted by the store representative Amy who spent time to chat with me. Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil was accepted and is available in the store. Additionally I will be speaking there on Saturday April 1 from 2 PM – 4 PM. At this point my plan is to cover history and mental health treatment of the 1940’s. I’ll share more as we near that date.

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