Traverse City State Hospital and Me

I understand there is Historic Tour of the Traverse City State Hospital grounds. This is where I played as a child and talked to patients and where Janie in the book Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil follows Helen around the buildings. There is a discussion of Dr. Munson’s theory on patient care and the philosophy underlying treatment. The tour includes an explanation of the building uses on the property and the purpose of the architecture.
I remember my mother complaining about how some of the monies from the state were handled. She said first was a sanding and varnishing of the floors and hallways. Second was re-plastering the walls, which then required re-varnishing of the floors. Third was rewiring, which then required re-plastering and re-varnishing. While she did complain she also laughed.
The tour includes a walk through an original and un-renovated historic building in addition to viewing a renovation project in process. The tour ends with a walk through a brick steam tunnel built in 1883.
The picture was most likely taken about 1949. Me in the lower left hand corner, My dad holding my sister. That’s my brother behind me.

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