Thoughts in the AM

Purt is snoozing today and I see she hasn’t written in a bit, so thought I’d share instead. Maybe she’ll write maybe later this week. She works when I’m not around.

Today is our Bealtaine post-holiday office get together. As usual we meet at Coral Gables Restaurant in East Lansing. It’s such a pleasure to relax after the business of shopping and eating and multiple responsibilities.

I continue to work on Veil of Insight, a cozy mystery that is very different from the self-help and historical semi-fiction books. This novel is about an aging therapist who thinks she has the answer on who the killer is, but doesn’t, thus putting her in danger. She does not have a clue. Hmmm. Who might that remind you of? Me too. I’m near the end so it should be out by spring.

Working hard on the marketing of Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil. Oh my, I didn’t know this aspect of writing could be so time-consuming! I’m getting a lot of help from Candy Jones-Guerin in attempting to get an idea of how to manage so many sites. I’m grateful, yet this very morning I tried to combine what I’m writing now with the information about the state hospital where I lived as a child. Didn’t work!

Have a happy day. Email if you have any questions. Purt and I both have addresses on this site.


Purt and Me    She is checking my blog for spelling errors and found one!


Waiting for warm weather!

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