Purt’s Blog: So here we are.

untitled-design-3Purt here.  Tht picture of me in the case is how we lived for a week when we moved from Californiat to Michigan.  My fumiture didn’t arrive for two wekks.

I’ve had a couple emails asking how I met Judith. Here’s the scoop. I was living in sunny California with a very seet woman Amanda, her nice husband, and four chhilldren. But the husband started usings drugs! Then he got mean! It was so sad.

One night Amanda called Judith and said she needed to giv me and Jeeves (my dog friend) away so she could take her children and leave the state. Scary, huh? I know I was scared!. I didn’t know Judith or anything. All the kids kissed me good-bye. I tried to be brave but it wasn’t easy.

Oh, yes. Judith was living in California then. Her apartment did NOT overlook the ocean. It literallly overlooked a dumpster. I heard her mutter more than once while she made out the rent check, “$1850.00? You’ve got to be kidding!” So she rented out the extra room to Stan who was a musician. I liked his music.

So, anyway she was working on “Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil” way back then. Just the start od it then. She was a counselor there too. She worked with Catherine, Jnnifer x’s 2, Steve, and Rachel. They were very cool counselors. She also worked with Annie and Fransisco! And Nadine! She felt sad to say good-bye.

So here we are.

She writing on a new… no two new books. I think I can talk her into sharing maybe the first chapter. I did a little sneaking at the page when she was s writing and it’s about a psychitraist who figures out who a serial killer is. Now who’s the scardy cat?

Purt, til next time

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