Purt’s Blog: Keep your fingers and paws crossed. Okay?

Hi, it’s Purt again. Here’s a follow-up.

untitled-design-2Judith just ook me to get my nails cut. It’s no manicure like you might get, believ me. This lady put in me in a sling! Then cut away like no tomorrowx.

So, more about Judith.

Judith dropped out of high-school when she was fifteen, before it’s even legal I understand. So she worked at what’s called, ‘under the table.’ She was a nurse aide in a house for very old people. She did cooking and cleaning too. She was a waitresss for ahile but wasn’t very good at it. That’s the rumor anyway.

Now she has a Ph.D..  Sam, you remember him? He says that it means ‘piled higher and deeper’ but knowing Sam I’m not so certain.

In her current book, “Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil,” you’ll meet Emily, a really true person that Judith knew as a kid. Emily survived trauma and lived in the state hospital. So did all the other patients she mentions in the book.

Judith works full time so she writes in the early am and week-ends. She’s working really, really hard on “Veil of Truth.” It’s about an old lady therapist who thinks she knows the identity of a serial killer person. But, get this, it’s not who she thinks it is. Every once in awhile Judith sits back from the typewriter and sighs out loud.

Judith submitted a short story to the Michigan Writing contest. Keep your fingers and paws crossed. Okay?

Remember you can buy Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil by clicking the link.

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