Purt’s Blog: She’s sorta cool but not always…

purts-blog-1It’x me, Purt. Being a cat Im’ not accustomed to typing, so stay withb me. My paws and Judith’s keyboard offten meet because I’ve walked across it many times, but I’v taken no classes so it’s a strggle right noww.

My blog is about Judith St. King xx and her writing.. She’s sorta cool but not always. Sometimes she doesn’t feed me for a whole ten miniutes after she gets up.

Her first book, “Somehow I Found Myself in Her Bed” is about how people often avoid responsibility. But the one she’s just published is very different. It’s sorta a fictionalized… is that the word?… memoir, but not really. She grew up in Traverse City, Michigan then moved to Lansing when she was twelve. This new book is “Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil.”

So what’s it like to live with her? Well, she doesn’t do anything unteil she has tea! You should see that basket of teas on her counter. I have walked around the thinog when she’s gone to work, but please don’t tell her. It’s our secret okay?

Hey, I’m getting the hang of this typing. Cool huh?

I thnk Judith  talks to people to help them, like if they have problems in their marriage or have gotten into trouble with gambling. The neighbor cat says she must be a counselor. His name is Sam if ou’re interested.

Judith likes to cook. Not my thing, but friends rave about her chicken enchiladas and her Polish golumpkis. Poor lady has gone gluten free so she eats rice cakes. Pitiful huh?

She’s working on a mystery novel, “Veil of Insight” I help her get up early every morning so she can work on it rightf after she feeds me.

If you want the enchilada recipe you can write me at purt.stking@aol.com

Buying “Incomplete Diary of Good and Evil” is easy!  Just click the link!!